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Running for Mind

Work related stress and mental health issues are becoming increasingly common within schools.

However, thanks to the great work of charities, those affected by stress or mental health issues don’t need to suffer alone.

‘Mind’ are a charity who help those experiencing a mental health problem by providing great information, advice and support services.

At School Shield, we love the great work of charities such as ‘Mind’ and the individuals who do their bit to support them.

These charities rely on donations to keep providing vital services, which is why we like to show our support and contribute to as many great causes as we can.

A close friend of School Shield, Daniella (Dani) Peers, is running three events this year in aid of ‘Mind’; a 5k, a 10K and a Tough Mudder event.

Dani has already completed her 5k event in just over 30 minutes, a great achievement for someone who has never done any running before.

As a company, we will be donating £100 to her cause as a small gesture of admiration for her amazing efforts.

We look forward to hearing how her final two events go and will keep you updated in due course.

Good luck Dani!